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Brussels Special Venues

Brussels Special Venues is the leading non-profit event venue network in Brussels for corporate, association, institution or private events planners: a free, neutral platform created to ensure quality events by connecting organizers to our venues.  We offer the widest choice of unique venues in Brussels. Altogether our venues offer 340+ unique event rooms in 40+ different event venues: a range of diverse architectural styles, for events of all kind and customized spaces for large or small-scale events - whether for a group of five, or a major event of 10,000 persons.  Please also note that our website is a unique venue finder: find venues, get rates, book the venue simply and freely.



Is a bit of mystery missing in your life and do you think your company can use an adventure to vary from the typical office days? If so, the indoor adventure park “Koezio” in Brussels could be just your thing. Koezio offers a “training as a special agent” in a converted 6,000 square metre space. For two hours, your endurance, intelligence, courage and team spirit are challenged to complete the “journey” through four districts. For this reason, Koezio is already the most popular teambuilding activity in Brussels for companies who want to boost the group cohesion in their team. There is ample parking at Docks Bruxsel plus a tram stop with direct links to central Brussels. You can also book a meeting room for your presentation or workshop before or after the activity plus enjoy a meal at our restaurant to relax and discuss your adventure. Koezio keeps on innovating with the recent arrival of the VRMaze, a virtual reality experience, unique in Belgium!

fotolia165911348subscriptionxxl-small-02.jpg is responsible for the communication and promotion of tourism and culture in the capital. Its objective is to promote and reinforce the image of the capital of 500 million Europeans and increase the number of visitors in Brussels.’ activities are based around five central pillars, the purpose of each being to help it achieve its missions. These missions are centered on promotion and communication, and fit within the framework of an affinity marketing strategy that targets the members of different communities by focusing on their interests (contemporary art, comic strips, Art Nouveau and Art Deco, jazz, surrealism, Europe, gastronomy, etc.) or the kind of potential visitor they might be (congress goer, international association, etc.) and showcasing Brussels’ advantages for each of those communities.